The University Botanical Garden is a small piece of nature in the center of Ljubljana, furthermore it is the oldest Slovenian cultural, scientific and educational institution. It was founded in 1810, at the time of the Illyrian Provinces, as a “Garden of native flora” and as a department of the Central School. Since 1920, the Garden has been a part of the University of Ljubljana and since 1991, the existing Garden enjoys the protection as a monument of landscape gardening. The principal activities of the University Botanic Garden Ljubljana are research, pedagogical-didactic activities and expanding the horticultural knowledge. It has a collection of cca 5000 plant species and therefore also represents a green oasis in the city with high plant biodiversity. We are exploring and cultivating plants that are endangered in nature or are extinct in Slovenia. Also one of the most interesting garden plants, Fleischmann’s parsnip, has been extinct in nature and is preserved only in the garden. It also has an in-depth knowledge of plant conservation which is intricately linked with conservation of biodiversity. The University Botanical Garden manages 2 ha dry meadow in Ljubljana where they protect in-situ some endangered native plant species

Within the project we will explore and present the diversity of plants and pollinators in the garden and on dry meadows, we will set up a new educational path that will address the diversity and importance of biodiversity on dry meadows, and complement our educational role among school children and the general public.