The Triglav National Park was founded in 1981. The main goal and purpose of the Triglav National Park is to preserve outstanding natural and cultural values, protect the autochthonous plant and animal world, eco-systems and the characteristics of the inanimate world. The TNP is a public body competent for the only Slovenian national park management. It comprehensively manages the protected area of the Triglav National Park (83.982 ha or 4 % of the Slovenian territory). Within this project the TNP plans activities for target groups in the field of education, tourism, agriculture and the general public. In cooperation with partners, the park will organize numerous events, exhibitions, workshops, prepare various publications, digital tools will be upgraded – including the establishment of a pedagogical platform of the TNP and an animated film. We will upgrade information points in elementary schools in the area of ​​park municipalities. We will organize summer natural camps for primary school pupils and numerous excursions and workshops for the tourist and agricultural sectors. As one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps, the TNP has an extensive experience of project management, therefore it can contribute significantly to the successful implementation of the project concerned.