With about 120 employees, National Institute of Biology (NIB) is the third largest Research institution for Life Sciences in Slovenia. The institute was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 1960. Two main activities of the institute has been and continues to be basic, developmental and applicative research in the fields of ecology, biodiversity, biotechnology, biophysics, biomedicine and system biology and transfer of the knowledge to society. Researchers from the Department of organisms and ecosystem research (EKOS), who coordinate the project LIFE NATURAVIVA work with diverse animal groups, from vertebrates to invertebrates, living on the land and in freshwaters, in the surface and subterranean ecosystems, with ecological role from predators to pollinators and decomposers. As ecologists, we have a deep understanding about the importance of biodiversity in all kind of ecosystems and about its influence on human well-being. With this extensive knowledge, we can greatly contribute to the high quality of information used and disseminated in the project activities and outputs.

As the leading partner, NIB has taken upon the role of project coordination and leadership and is actively participating in all core activities of the project. Specifically, we will be involved in education about biodiversity on the higher-levels of education. We will introduce topics, such as importance of biodiversity of pollinators, in the agricultural sector and amongst the general public (biodiversity-friendly gardens) and involve in promotion of rich biodiversity in Slovenia, as well as educate about threats to biodiversity and importance of nature conservation.