LUTRA, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage is a private, non-profit making and independent environmental non-governmental organization devoted exclusively to nature conservation. It is active continuously from the year 1998. Its sphere of activity is nature conservation and research work of freshwater and riparian ecosystems. The otter, also a flagship species of the organization, is used for education work with different groups of young people, for information and public awareness actions aiming at protection and preservation of biodiversity. By exploring the life and distribution of species in nature, we try to better understand its role and interdependence of species in natural aquatic ecosystems. Equipped with knowledge we can do more to preserve the species and its natural environment.

Nature is our teacher and life partner. Everything that we learn about it and learn from it, we try to approach the widest circle of people in a variety of ways. We are aware that nature conservation is necessary because human species has powerfully interfered in it. Nevertheless, nature has enormous defensive and self-renewing power. We are looking for a fragile equilibrium between the two extremes. The LIFE NATURAVIVA project is also our “child”. We take care of the administrative arrangement of the project; you will meet us in numerous communication activities, in the preparation of a book and a film about the biodiversity of Slovenia, and especially at events where nature intertwines with culture and art.