The Kozjansko Regional Park, a region in eastern Slovenia, is one of the oldest and largest protected areas in Slovenia. It represents a mosaic of the pre-Alpine Posavje Mountain Range, hills, and plains along the river Sotla. The high degree of biodiversity places Kozjansko Park among the most important nature protection in Slovenia and Europe with majority of the park belonging to the European important special protection areas NATURA 2000.  Since 2010, the Kozjansko region with Obsotelje have enjoyed the status of a biosphere reserve under the protection of UNESCO (MAB programme – Man and Biosphere). The Kozjansko Apple from the meadow orchards has become a symbol of environmentalism, sustainability, preservation of the heritage, health, and recognition of the Kozjansko Regional Park protected area.

Within the project ” LIFE NATURAVIVA”, we will establish a 2 km long interactive castle educational trail about biodiversity, publish a publication with interesting environmental stories, set up an exhibition of naturalistic outdoor pictures, organize an open-air summer castle cinema with movies with nature conservation topics, perform lectures, educational days about natural sciences and promotion of biodiversity at various events.