The Grm Novo mesto – Center of Biotechnics and Tourism (GRM), is a center that comprises the Secondary School for Agriculture and Biotechnics. Secondary School for Gastronomy and Tourism, Vocational College and Inter-company training center that manages school property, food production facilities, House of culinary and tourism and shops with local food. Within GRM operates also Development Research Institute, which is the core facility for regional development in the area of agriculture, rural development, care and safety of nature and tourism.

GRM educates 1.200 students at the secondary level and on the 6 and 7 Bologna Level (college), employs 180 people and owns and manages 250 ha land. Through profitable activities (agricultural production, food processing, animal breeding, marketing, tourism, recreation, landscape management, environment care, as well as school shops and a restaurant), the students receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills. GRM stimulates pupils and students towards seeking options to deploy their own working place in rural area or self-employment. The ultimate goal is a development of rural areas in its widest form, progress of agriculture, higher competitive, environmental care and maintenance of cultural and natural heritage. GRM also develops study programmes for lifelong learning.
GRM is considered a very active public institution in the area of regional development, and in preparing carrying out projects on local, regional, national and EU level. GRM has reach international mobility of experts and students and also on the other research developing activities. GRM has active partnership activities with all key national offices in Slovenia and is a member of all key sector chambers and intensively connected with economy. GRM will be included in activities concerning biodiversity in (agricultural) secondary schools and networking.