Goričko Nature Park Public Institute established by the Slovenian government in 2003 is a public non-profit organization financed by Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Goričko NP PI is managing Goričko Nature Park area and Natura 2000 site Goričko in way of sustainable development with protection of biodiversity and cultural landscape, public awareness, schoolchildren education and with participation in decision making processes on the local level and cross border cooperation with Raab Nature Park and Őrség National Park. Special attention is paid to the implementation of nature conservation measures for conservation of motley meadows, meadow orchards, hedges, relict vegetation and waters. The cultural landscape, preserved due to its borderline and remoteness, is a tiny dissected area for many living creatures. The picturesqueness originates from the cultivation of land, adapted to the surface, underground structure and climate influences. An important project achievement will be an outdoor traveling exhibition. Within the project, we will also prepare a plan for the interpretation of nature of the KPG, which will include the campaign “Raznoživ ogračel na Goričkon”, days in nature for students of all ages, study tours and inviting people to discover the knowledge of the natural diversity where the art of life is hidden.