The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia (KGZS) is nongovernmental umbrella organization of all natural persons and legal entities that work in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishing in the Republic of Slovenia. The Chamber’s main objective is to protect and represent member’s interests, advise them, and promote economically efficient and environmental safe activities. Major activities of the CAFS of Slovenia include promoting the development and improvement of economic conditions in the mentioned sectors, providing specialist services in agricultural advising, selection and production control in stock breeding, forestry advisory services. KGZS is active also in creating legislation, improvement of social living conditions and preservation of rural areas in Slovenia and promoting Slovenian agriculture at home and abroad. KGZS has eight institutes with more than 300 professional advisors covering entire area of Slovenia.
In the frame of advisory service issues of CAP, rural development and nature and biodiversity conservation issues connected to cultural landscape management are addressed and good practices promoted. Advisory service has long experience in promoting, educating and advising to farmers and other people in rural areas. KGZS was partner in several projects addressing biodiversity and natural conservation including Natura 2000 sites. In 2002 to 2004 the Chamber was active in project dedicated to communicating of Natura 2000. CAFS also participated in two LIFE projects NATURA 2000 in Slovenia – Management Models and Information System ((LIFE04NAT/SI/000240 and LIFE+ project: Management program for Slovenia for the period 2014-2020 (LIFE11 NAT/SI/880). Biodiv3rsity was also addressed in INTERREG IIIA Neighbourhood Programme Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia 2004-2006: „Meadow orchards with high-trunk fruit trees as an element of maintaining biodiversity and aesthetic value of the landscape“