Mountain peaks with breathtaking views, colorful meadows, intermittent Lake Cerknica, natural bridges of Rakov Škocjan, mystical underground world, crystal clear streams and magical forests – all located on 222 km2 of the Notranjska Regional Park. The Park was established in 2002 in order to preserve, protect and explore the natural and cultural values of the area. It features a high degree of conserved natural habitats, numerous natural monuments, remarkable biodiversity, and recognizable cultural landscape. The area is home to the smallest snail, the strongest bear and everything in between.  Life here, with its diversity has always attracted science and nature lovers, but every time it offers something new, something that has not been seen yet. We are aware that such a variety in a relatively small area is something special, but at the same time we want to present the importance of this biodiversity to wider public. The LIFE NATURAVIVA project seems the right way for us to do it. As part of the project, we will organize open-air movies, where visitors will be able to watch movies about biodiversity. Photographic exhibitions will be organized, and in the end, we will endeavor to show people the diversity of life that surrounds us.